The Back of the Range

Jean-Paul Hebert - Texas Longhorns Assistant Men's Golf Coach

June 6th, 2022
My guest on this final episode of the 2021-2022 college golf season is the assistant coach for the National Champion Texas Longhorns, Jean-Paul Hebert.  We spoke about his start in the game, especially when the guest's father and uncle are major champions.  JP had an incredible upbringing in the game surrounded by some of the greatest legends of Texas golf.  Demaret, Burke, Harmon.....imagine having those guys as the elders of your club!  Well, that's what it was like for Jean-Paul.  We chatted a bit about his experience playing at Texas in the 90s and then we transitioned into a discussion surrounding the team that won the National Championship this year at Grayhawk.

Jean-Paul Hebert : University of Texas

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