The Back of the Range



$25 for 2 Towels  

If you're a fan of The Back of the Range Golf Podcast, pick up a couple of our towels!  Buy one for yourself.....and give one away to a friend! 


SIMPLE DESIGN - The 16"x40" with a center hole cut, drapes over your carry bag, and through your clubs to make access a breeze. Riding in a cart? Take your towel with you to the green and lay your putter and wedge grips down to keep dry. Walking? Keep your towel draped through your clubs to keep down chatter and easy access.

POWER OF MICROFIBER - The microfiber waffle weave material is super absorbent and extremely effective at cleaning grips, grooves, and club heads. Keep one side of the towel dry for drying your hands and grips, and the other side damp for cleaning club heads and grooves. The waffle weave material doesn't pick up loose debris that can attach to other fabrics.

LIGHTWEIGHT - Weighing in at 6 ounces dry, this golf towel is not bulky or heavy, even when one end is wet. Carry your towel on your bag without worrying about adding weight to your bag.